Choreography is an artistic opportunity to

To express one's personality through the creation of dance. The course includes designing and

direction of routines used in dances and

performances. The course gives an opportunity to create, edit, and practice with professionalism and provide entertainment for audiences.


  • B.A in art and dance

  • B.A. in Dance

  • B.P.A. in Dance - Kathak

  • M.A. in Dance


12th or equivalent exam in any stream


  • Pune University (UNIPUNE) - SPPU (Savitribai Phule Pune University)

  • University of Mysore

  • Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi

  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

  • Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography, Bangaluru

  • Andhra University Visakhapatnam


  • Dance Technique A choreographer must have a thorough knowledge of dance steps, styles and routines. Directors rely on choreographers to pull together dance routines that are stylistically appropriate for the production and that best express the story ideas in the production. The choreographer must also know what to look for in dancers to audition and cast them in appropriate roles. Dance concepts such as rhythm, balance, coordination, and musicality are familiar to a choreographer. Choreographers also teach dance techniques to members of the dance companies they lead, as well as their students at performing arts schools.

  • Leadership Choreographers must have strong leadership skills, because groups of dancers and actors depend on them for the execution of their routines. They are responsible for physically demonstrating routines for dancers to learn. Choreographers communicate decisively and assertively, and must be able to enforce the rules of routines that they create. Providing clear direction and helping dancers work together as a team are part of the leadership a choreographer must provide.

  • Creativity Choreographers must have creative talent because they rely on their own ideas to choreograph dance routines. They must be able to translate ideas into physical movements. They exercise their creativity when deciding on music, dance steps, body movements, costumes and cast placements to ensure that performances are seamless. A willingness to experiment with new ideas, if original ideas don't pan out, is borne out of the choreographer's artistic ability.


  • Understanding specifications as well as limitations of the project, and collaborating with the Director, as well as lighting, music, and costume departments to ensure dance routines are completed to a high standard.

  • Creating dance steps that fit with the mood, music, theme, and that are audience-appropriate.

  • Supporting, guiding, and explaining all steps and formations to dancers.

  • Ensuring studio or venue is available for rehearsal and that dancers have been notified in a timely manner.

  • Conducting research by watching dance shows, attending performances, and reading up on different routines.

  • Attending shows and events to gain new ideas and network with others.

  • Notifying the Director and other stakeholders about potential issues, and drawing up contingency plans.

  • Scheduling one-on-one sessions and providing extra support where required.

  • Showing up on time for all rehearsals, performances, and meetings.

  • Handling various administrative duties and paperwork.


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