The work of Private detectives is to investigate

multiple areas, ranging from finding missing

persons to discovering the cause of a fire, or

recovering stolen property to investigating

theft. It encompasses conducting casework,

interview witnesses, perform surveillance, and

review public and government records to

collect information. Cases may at times require

investigators to testify in a court or work alongside law enforcement.


  • Forensic Detective

  • Private Investigator / Detective


10th (SSC) or 10+2 (HSC) or Diploma passed in any discipline from recognized Board/ School/ College OR Basic knowledge about related field. Details are available

at link http://www.ifs.edu.in/eligibility.


International Forensic Sciences, Pune, (Court Appointed Commission, Govt. of India & Govt. of

Maharashtra Regd. and ISO Certified) Website: www.ifs.ac , www.ifsindia.com


  • Communication skills. Police and detectives must be able to speak with people when gathering facts about a crime and to express details about a given incident in writing.

  • Empathy. Police officers need to understand the perspectives of a wide variety of people in their jurisdiction and have a willingness to help the public.

  • Good judgment. Police and detectives must be able to determine the best way to solve a wide array of problems quickly.

  • Leadership skills. Police officers must be comfortable with being a highly visible member of their community, as the public looks to them for assistance in emergency situations.

  • Perceptiveness. Officers must be able to anticipate another person’s reactions and understand why people act a certain way.

  • Physical stamina. Officers and detectives must be in good physical shape, both to pass required tests for entry into the field, and to keep up with the daily rigors of the job.

  • Physical strength. Police officers must be strong enough to physically apprehend offenders.


Police officers, detectives, and criminal investigators typically do the following:

  • Respond to emergency and nonemergency calls

  • Patrol assigned areas

  • Conduct traffic stops and issue citations

  • Search for vehicle records and warrants using computers in the field

  • Obtain warrants and arrest suspects

  • Collect and secure evidence from crime scenes

  • Observe the activities of suspects

  • Write detailed reports and fill out forms

  • Prepare cases and testify in court

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