Unani means Greece, where the Unani System of

Medicine originated. BOKHRATH (Hippocrates)

founded it in 460 BC approximately and is called

as Father of Unani Medicine. Unani medicine

works on the basis of ‘humoral theory’ (relating

to four bodily fluids) where each humour denotes

a precise disposition in a human being. In Unani

medicine, the plants, minerals and animal

products are used for healing purposes and for restoration of a person’s original humoral

constituents. Unani System is one of internationally accepted treatments of medicine

in present day also.


  • Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery(BUMS)

  • Kamil-e-Tob-o-Jarahat

  • Mahir-e-Tibb

  • MD/MS/PG (Unani)


For BUMS – 10+2 or equivalent certification with Science

After BUMS/Graduation AIAPGET -2018 can apply for admission to MD/MS (Unani)


  • National Institute of Unani Medicine, Bangaluru

  • Delhi University (Faculty of Ayurvedic & UnaniMedicine)

  • A & U Tibbia College & Hospital, Delhi

  • Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru, Karnataka

  • Dr NTR University Of Health Sciences, Vijayawada, AP

  • Kaloji Narayana Rao, University of Health Sciences, Telangana, Warangal

  • Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh


Apart from having good academic knowledge, the aspirant should have compassion for medicine and natural remedies and must be empathetic, so as to diagnose the disease and it’s causes not only at the level of body, but also be able to cure them at both the internal and external levels. One should be dedicated and patient towards the service and must possess a positive attitude and should have caring nature along with good counseling skills.


  • He is the administrative head of the Department in the State, responsible for efficient working of the Department, shall exercise all the administrative and financial powers as adjoined upon the heads of Departments in the Himachal Pradesh Government.

  • He shall submit to the government budget and appropriation Consideration proposals in consolidated form for the whole of the Department for consideration and approval.

  • All the report and returns to the Government (monthly, quarterly, yearly) as required by the Department shall be submitted by him or under his authority by any officer to whom he shall delegate the powers on his behalf.

  • Proposals on any policy matters shall be drafted and submitted to the government for approval. Such proposals will be prepared with the assistance and in consultation with concerned branch officer/staff.

  • He shall exercise all the powers delegated to him by the state Government from time to time and shall be directly answerable to the Government.

  • He shall act as State Licensing Authority in respect of Ayurveda,Siddha & Unani Drugs and Homoeopathy Drugs.

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