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We being humans have beautiful blessings from God, which differentiate us from animals.And that blessing is thinking, imagining, observing, expressing and feeling.

Hi, I am Radhika. I am an entrepreneur and running a small company with 5-6 people around. This is my first blog and here I want to share some of the experiences and observations that I experienced so far now.

So I will start with "DON'T PLAN". Now some of you will think, are you stupid? Should we ruin our careers? Don't worry; I am not saying to follow this. Just read till the end.

Well, all of us don't need plans until our 10th standard. Right? Because in India we follow a strict schedule of schools; whether you want to be a doctor or a singer. And then here comes the difficult time for us when we need to choose the right stream for our 11th standard. This is the first time in life when we are going to make a decision. Some of us take this very seriously and others just choose whatever their friends, relatives or family suggest. And with this selection, we pass our two years of life either by preparing for competitive or by just going to school as usual.

And now comes the next phase of life, College life. I am sure all of you must have enjoyed your college life either you are drop out or a topper or an average student. We can see it's all about one's choices and priorities.

Well, let's approach the topic. I will not say to trust me whatever I am writing. Just go out and ask any of 5 people around, what you wanted to be when you were in school or college? And then see what they are doing now? Are they happy with their choices? Is it their choice or their parents' choice?

You must be thinking that I am saying destiny has decided everything for us, so we don't need to plan our life. No, it's not true. It's you who planned everything.

You must have heard "You reap what you sow ".

Now let's come to another part of the story. You are a school student. You are going to school as usual. Now you don't need to make a plan on the last page of your notebook or you don't need to discuss it with your friend, while the lecture is going on. Just focus on whatever the teacher is teaching in the class. Enjoy that moment first. Your school, your class is the place where self-happiness and self-satisfaction begins. If you can enjoy this moment of your life, trust me, you don't need plans. You don't need to worry about what to choose in the 11th standard. You must have known which subjects you like and where you can give your best. And then your life will be more sorted as you want. And now in your case when after 10 years, a student will come to ask you, what you wanted to be when you were in school? You will answer I wanted to be happy. So I am.

Most of the time we criticise the Indian Education system. The education system in India is best because it gives you a variety of things to read. So you will have more options to choose from.

Mental Health is big concern these days.

I will add one more story here. I was talking about enjoying that particular moment and self-happiness.

Yes, because "MENTAL HEALTH" is the biggest concern these days. If you are not healthy mentally, you will lack everywhere. From enjoying class to taking every single decision of your life. A mentally ill person is not good for himself as well as for society. Nobody entertains these kinds of persons. They have fewer people to interact with, to share things. So their frustration level increases with time. And it's a never-ending story, which causes many other problems which I will discuss in my next blogs.

To conclude, I can say it's your choice whether you want to make a 5-year plan which you even don't know whether you can accomplish or not

Or you want to be happy at that particular moment.

Plans are not bad, it's expectations which hurt.

                                                                                            Radhika Sharma

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